Fire Pit Lids


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Our all-natural wood fire pit topper cover is made from reclaimed old weathered barn wood staves with cast iron antique handles to add warmth and charm to your patio.

The natural knots, combined with antique handles produce a wonderful rustic charm. We use a wood stain conditioner to prepare the barn staves for restoration and then enhance the wood with all-weather preventive stain colors plus a proprietary outdoor penetrating oil containing twice the UV stabilizers, and mildew prohibitors necessary to ensure an enriched surface with select weather-resistant stain and color pigments to achieve an exceptional old weathered look with unique semi-transparent color clarity to enhance the look of the fire pit topper and also protect the wood’s existing preserved condition against all inclement weather conditions.

It is truly one of a kind look with 100% inclement weather protection. Wood fire pit covers add a gorgeously authentic touch to your fire pit and on request, you can have levelers installed to balance perfectly on the top of any fireplace with a rim so it can be used as a table or serving area.

Finding a lid topper for your fire pit isn’t easy, particularly if you want to use it as a table from time to time, so the option choice of levelers makes it possible. If you’re looking for a cover to place on your pit at the end of an evening or prior to a thunderstorm, our cover is all-weather penetration treated plus outdoor oil protected against all weather elements.

In addition, we use all wood tough Oak battens on the bottom of each cover to allow the wood to breathe and prevent future warping, if any.

When your pit is not in use, the toppers have levelers installed to provide an additional dining surface area for your patio. It will also keep your wood dry from the rain.

The 28″ diameter covers are 3/4″ low profile thick; 30″ up to 45″ diameter fire pit covers are 1 inch thick.

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