Fire Pit Cover for Rectangular Backyard or Patio Fire Pit Cover


Our Fire Pit Covers are solid wood Butcher Block Maple species. The visual appearance ambiance of the cover will be an all-weathered custom made to be compatible with your existing fire pit, the back yard patio and surrounding environment, colors.

The cover produced is an All Weather, Weatherized Fire Pit Cover.

• This Fire Pit Cover is NOT Heat-resistant to a Hot Fire Pit
• Produced as an All-Inclement Weather Conditioned Wood Fire Pit Cover w/ Antique Handles
• Multiple support battens are installed on the bottom of the Fire Pit cover to maintain its shape over the years.

Our Fire Pit cover is inclement weather safe, inclement weather conditioned and aesthetically pleasing. The cover with cast iron handles can be removed for entertainment convenience.

Fire Pit Cover are heavy enough to stay put during inclement weather but not so heavy the cover can't be moved when necessary, using the Antique Handles.

Fire Pit Cover Overview...

• All-Natural Wood Rectangle Cover
• Fire Pit Cover price is based on a 72"' L x 39'' W x 1 1/2'' D size that can be modified to your Fire Pit specifications. Price is the same for any larger or smaller size
• Outside/Inside dimensions of this fire pit cover is to be provided by the customer
• Inside of fire insert dimensions (provided by the customer) to be used for installation of Battens to prevent warping.
• Location...Outdoor Fire Pit Use Only
• Assembly...Partial Re-Install of Cast Iron Handles
• Country of Origin...Made in the USA...Free Shipping

Fire Pit Cover with Antique Handles to be installed to add a gorgeous authentic rustic charm touch to the Fire Pit. When the Fire Pit is not in use, the cover can keep unburned wood dry when sprinkling the lawn or protect most anything from inclement weather.

The Butcher Block Cover will be handcrafted from rough-saw solid wood Maple specie slab, restored/combined, sanded by hand, and stain revived per customer color choice to expertly highlight your Fire Pit and surrounding area.

This Fire Pit Cover is custom made and Free Shipped to the customer and not subject to return unless damaged by FedEx in transit to the customer. If external damage and/or internal damage exists, customer will take several pictures of damage to the cover and the shipment box and send the pictures to Ray Attebery via Shopify.

PLEASE NOTE! Due to the size and rising gas prices, FedEx/UPS surcharge is applied to standard shipping charges. The surcharge can range from $74.00 to $174.00 depending on where you live in the United States. We pay the shipping; however, a separate invoice will be issued via PayPal and sent to you via your email to pay for any Surcharge.

Our Fire Pit, and Wood Covers are Made in the USA. Handmade by Artisans in North Wales, PA and Livingston, TX. "If we don't make it, we don't sell it"

We are a group of Veterans who collectively design, and produce unique, often, one-of-a kind products for the discriminating home owner.

Our shop motto, "If we don't make it, we don't sell it".

Welcome to our site, we are happy you are here! and will do everything in our power to make sure you are safisfied and happy with your purchase.

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