Patio Glass Lazy Susan's


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Patio Glass Lazy Susan's...
Our attractive 1″ diamond-cut beveled edge, tempered 1” thick patio glass lazy susans, revolve to give everyone at the Patio table easy access to wine glasses, condiments, and full-course meals at the same time. Each Patio glass lazy susan has a oversized hole to spin effortlessly around your umbrella pole table insert.
Each glass top we produce is a unique, high décor, beveled, tempered glass server that will add a beautiful, decorative touch to your patio table. Sorry the TABLE and CHAIRS are NOT INCLUDED.
Most Lazy Susan’s offered on the internet are multiple glass layers produced as annealed glass. Our glass is tempered (toughened through a process of extreme heating and rapid cooling during our manufacturing process) and produced as one single piece to produce a glass lazy susan that is three or more times stronger than annealed glass as is needed for a safe patio environment.

If broken, our tempered glass shatters into many small fragments to prevent major injuries. This type of glass is intended for any use requiring superior strength with safety properties while standard glass or annealed glass could pose a potential risk of injuries to your family or guests since they are not shatterproof.

Our tempered glass rounds are 1/2” thick, with 1″ diamond-cut beveled edge, with an oversized umbrella hole, produced on the finest specialty machinery in the world.
Our industrial bearing units are uniquely engineered, very smooth rotating, 1/2" thick, with SILICON INSERTS BETWEEN EACH INDIVIDUAL BALL BEARING results in a rotation that is extremely quiet and smooth as silk.
Without a high-quality bearing, it does not matter how beautiful your Patio Glass Lazy Susan is. If it doesn’t spin quietly and easily with or without a load on it, then it is not a high-quality Patio glass lazy Susan bearing. For that reason, we have sourced the highest quality, glass lazy susan turntable bearing mechanism made in the world today. We know this for a fact because we have tested them all!

All of our products are made in the USA by Military Veterans.

We are a group of Veterans who collectively design, and produce unique, often, one-of-a kind products for the discriminating home owner.

Our shop motto, "If we don't make it, we don't sell it".

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